AltaGas has always appeared and our written agreement states that WGL`s current management will retain its important role in overseeing the WGL family. WGL will continue to manage Washington gas, while supporting the management of U.S.-regulated supply company AltaGas to promote our shared interest in providing a safe, reliable and inexpensive supply service for a growing customer base. Your manager and team will not change and our workplaces will remain the same. Our 170 years of heritage, brand awareness and enormous stability will not be enhanced until the years to come, as this agreement makes us a larger, wider and multinational. The transaction was unanimously approved by each company`s board of directors. It must also be approved by the shareholders of the company, the District of Columbia Public Utilities Commission (PSC); The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC), as well as as other regulators. The agreement is also subject to approval by the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC), as WGL Energy Services has a FERC electricity license. Despite hampshire Gas`s installation in the West Virginia market as according to FERC, we do not need the approval of the West Virginia Public Utilities Commission. This document contains forward-looking statements. If, in this document, could, could, could, could, project, possible, plan, develop, anticipate, search the target, believe, seek, propose, continue, estimate, wait, anticipate and adopt similar expressions such as altaGas or a subsidiary of AltaGas, must identify forward-looking statements.

This document contains forward-looking statements, including business objectives, expected growth (including level of growth), results of operations, performance, business plans and prospects, capital expenditures and financial results. In particular, this document contains forward-looking statements regarding the combination of AltaGas and WGL and associated performance, including, but not limited to, the transformative nature of the transaction, the portfolio of assets of the merged entity, the type of growth prospects available to AltaGas, the strategic direction of the business, the headquarters of the U.S.-regulated supply and energy business, The compatibility, strength and concentration of AltaGas and WGL`s combined corporate culture, the maintenance and role of WGL employees and the participation of significant functions for existing WGL executives in AltaGas U.S.`s regulated procurement business, the ability to provide quality services and/or maintain rates or guarantee affordable rates , to ensure higher community engagement and community-based activities. , the fact that the closing of the transaction depends on certain events; AltaGas` growth potential, clean technology potential, natural gas production and energy retail services, the power of AltaGas and WGL as a distribution company, the intention to continue investments in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. and this document contains forward-looking statements on the likely completion of the acquisition.