The reseller may use the Store Reseller under these terms and conditions to order Apple digital cash vouchers that can be exchanged for codes that can be exchanged for App Store and/or iBook Store products (“VPP credits”); where the reseller is authorized, under a separate agreement, to facilitate the sale of VPP credits, the terms of this agreement apply and control. This reseller agreement (the “agreement”) between Elastic Projects, Inc. dba Abstract, a Delaware company (“Elastic Projects”) and yourself. For the purposes of the agreement, “you,” “your,” “reseller” or “customer” refers to the party that is identified as a reseller in the corresponding order form. By executing an order form referring to the agreement, each party means that it reads, understands and accepts the agreement. The agreement enters into force from the date the first applicable order form is executed. The agreement regulates all order forms and all contrary or additional terms and conditions are ineffective or ineffective, unless they are signed in writing by the parties. Yodobashi Camera on the official websiteAfter Apple`s intention, it posted that Apple products like the iPod and MacBook cannot be sold on the online mail order site “Yodobashi” point. com,” etc. In addition, major mass electronics distributors have halted the online sale of Apple products.

As I said, a reader took a very interesting story. Apparently companies are no longer able to sell Apple products behind the scenes, Apple has become a new need to sell Apple products “Authorized Japan Apple Resellers AgreementIt seems to be related. I also contacted the various places on this topic by phone. The details are as follows. According to the informant you get from readers, Apple for retail stores, retail stores to process Apple and Apple products “Authorized Japan Apple Reseller Contract (AAR contract)It is said that we introduced a new system from April that it is necessary to conclude. With respect to the conclusion of the AAR agreement, after the contract signing process defined by Apple, in addition to the interview in Apple`s Tokyo office, the audit will be conducted separately by Apple. In addition, the details of the evaluation criteria are unknown.