The lease is therefore not terminated immediately. Once the notification has been notified, the lease can be terminated no earlier than 30 days after the start of the next rental period. For example, if the notification was served on March 23 and the rent is due on the 1st of each month, the lease can only be terminated on May 1 (i.e. the rent is still due for the month of April). I hope that both the landlords and tenants practiced “preventive medicine” by negotiating in the first place good rental conditions, so that the tenancy agreement has appropriate protection/escape clauses for both parties with respect to the circumstances that may develop that could lead to the early termination of the lease. From the point of view of the commercial tenant, protections that can be included in the rental agreement are proposed: Be aware and point out to the landlord that if a tenant breaks the lease and empties the rental area, he always has an obligation to mitigate the damage suffered by the tenant. This means that a landlord must take appropriate steps to find a replacement tenant as quickly as possible in order to avoid or at least reduce damage. For the owner: A lessor who unduly terminates a lease agreement may also risk legal and financial risks if the unlawful termination and infringement of the lease is proven. If termination is followed by the tenant`s removal from the premises through judicial eviction proceedings or otherwise, the lessor may continue to risk the risk of an illegal eviction action and any rights to the conversion of the rental property in which the property remains in the buildings from which the tenant has been removed. (Alleged breaches of the lease and/or A.R.S.

33-361 and A.R.S. 33-362). An illegal eviction can also be proven if the landlord legally terminates a tenancy agreement, but does something illegal to remove the tenant from the rented premises. It is clear that legal fees and legal fees can also be awarded. The perpetrator of domestic violence may be held liable to the owner for any losses resulting from an early termination of the rental agreement (Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. If you can help them find a reasonable solution without the need for an expanded legal process, they will probably be available. The landlord might be open to allow you to sublet the space or simply revise your lease to shorten the length, while giving them some time to find a new tenant. You may be able to negotiate a lesser penalty for breaking the lease if you are willing to pay the rent until they find a new tenant.

It is also important to let your landlord understand that you are ready to show the room while you are still there and that you will agree to leave the offices in a clean and commendable state. Under Arizona law, landlords are allowed to charge tenants two months` rent as a penalty for the lease. This is good news for you, as you should be able to find a new tenant to rent the property within these two months. But you still have the effort and cost of finding a new tenant, marketing the property and converting. The landlord has a right to pledge to all tenants` land in the premises, so some tenants plan to remove certain properties before the situation escalates. The definition of what can be detachable becomes important and is subject to the terms of the lease, the Arizona statutes and the Arizona Toy Act. There are some exceptions to the right of homeowners. As a general rule, this does not apply to land on the site owned by another person.