Are there, for example, other buildings or properties in the area with a similar layout and similar area classifications that a mobile phone fattening company might consider? Does the land offer enough space for the construction of a tower, but also for a possible extension in the future? A mobile phone mast company typically needs 500 to 5,000 square feet of base area on a tower facility. My parents agreed to a mobile tower rental agreement on their rural land in northern WI. I am afraid they have accepted a very small financial benefit. What can I do to make sure they are not deceived by a mobile phone company that is going to make huge profits from this tower? Rents for mobile towers are essentially based on these factors:1. What kind of mobile mast rental is it?2. How important is location for network continuity?3. What are the alternatives for the telecommunications company? The location values of mobile pylons are not determined in the same way as the value of real estate, and landowners need to understand this. Each site of the tower will have its own unique value. Unlike real estate, there will be no comparison of market prices.

This means that it doesn`t work to ask your neighbor for his mobile mast rental contract. It also means that even if your neighbor accepts a weak offer, you don`t have to. Similarly, the likelihood of a carrier using your land is lower if it is located in residential areas and surrounded by industrial properties. Your local zoning or communal development office can tell you if your country meets the requirements of a communication tower. Other considerations include long-term effects and potential liability risks. It should be noted: what happens if a property owner wants to sell the land but cannot terminate the contract? What if improvements to the property are desired, but the owner is limited by the location of the tower or other supporting equipment? Does the value of the property decrease by the mobile phone mast? If the tower is damaged, who is responsible for the cost of the lost service to customers? As a general rule, we do not offer appraisers rents for mobile towers. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with your request. A carrier will often request 24/7 access to the land in which the mobile phone mast is located, whether there is an emergency or not. In case of negotiation, you can only reduce this during opening hours, except in case of emergency. It depends on the value of your property for the mobile operator or tower company, whether they will move in this matter.

A CellWaves advisor can increase your chances of achieving a favorable lifespan. Yes, I believe it is possible. However, I have no contact in the Philippines in the mobile mast industry. Maybe you`re trying to Google the Telcom companies that operate in this region. I have a communication tower on my property. An internet company now claims that they bought the tower a year before the purchase of the property on which the tower is located. In addition to showing me a void check and a sales contract they paid for the tower, what other legal documents they should have to convince a judge that they do have a property right. I went to the district court to see all the recordings that could be filed legally, such as easements, leases or other property rights assigned, and there was nothing. Only my certificate of ownership was found in the legal books. I also sent them a letter of credence asking them to provide proof of general liability insurance and show that I have been included in their insurance policy, as they claim that the tower on my land belongs to them. They refused to show me their liability insurance to cover damage to me or my property. .