8.06- The Association Committee reviews issues submitted to it by parties, members or members of the committee, including issues relating to the interpretation or application of the collective agreement. Changes or amendments to the collective agreement may be made by written agreement between the contracting parties, on recommendation, to the majority of the committee. The committee receives a concomitant majority if at least two members of the association`s committee and two members of the board of directors` committee vote in favour of a motion. Any agreement reached by the majority committee on the interpretation or application of the collective agreement is binding if confirmed in writing and signed by the two co-chairs. Note: All final research agreements must be approved by Human Resources and Procurement. The authorized party must keep a copy of this contract. In addition, a copy of this agreement, concluded and signed by the contractor and University representatives with all relevant annexes, forwards to Allan Bishop, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Human Resources Division, 337 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 4. Executive Search Firm Agreement Template, Rev. May 2020 (DOC, 326 KB) Use this agree template when you hire an executive research company and join the company`s statement of work. An order is required. Send the agreement reached and signed with the document I Want. These services are exempt from the offer and do not require a legal form for a single source unless contractual, financial or federal funds are used to pay for the service. 14.16 – The parties agree that section 14 includes all categories of temporary appointments.

See also the letters of intent (Annex IV). In all cases where CBA approval or refusal is required, a member will only take office if the parties` agreement is confirmed in writing or by e-mail by the two co-chairs and then ratified by the parties. However, the parties recognize that there may be exceptional circumstances in which prior authorization from the CBA is not possible before the member`s employment begins. In these circumstances, the Board of Directors will endeavour to obtain CBA approval before the member ceases to work. The agreement of the parties is confirmed by the two co-chairs, either in writing or by e-mail, and then ratified by the parties. Members with a temporary term of 10 months or more for three consecutive years are informed, at least four (4) months before the expiry of the last appointment, of whether or not their appointment will be renewed.