@Dipper723 Homebrew is not illegal. Modding a game is not illegal. Everyone does it in the PC industry. There are modders and home-breaks out there who have good intentions and want to improve a game like Super Smash Bros, or Super Mario 3D World, or Sonic Lost World, and now they`re not legally able because Nintendo hasn`t legally linked these people to what`s sad, because that means we`ll never have any usual content like this. I have the same problem. I`ve started a reboot, but there`s still no button to click to accept the deal. Extreamely frustrating. Can you help me? It has been said many times, but seriously. Whatever you use, you accept the agreement.

Can`t be redirected from the “User Agreement” page to my Nintendo switch. He says “A” if she doesn`t accept cookies, but asks for Click to Accept. Nintendo Switch is not an option to click. I can`t accept it and I have nowhere to go. Do you know a solution? 6.3 We may also share your data (including your IP address) with our third-party suppliers for Content Delivery Network, which provide Delivery Network content services in conjunction with the Nintendo Network. Our Content Delivery Network providers enable you to speed up video streaming and provide content you requested, z.B. using nintendo Shopping Services, using a distributed server system that delivers content to you based on your geographic location. A list of third-party content distribution networks can be accessed at support.nintendo.com. The legal basis for transmitting your data to our third-party Content Delivery Network providers is art. 6, par.

1 f RGPD. We have a legitimate interest in transmitting your data in order to speed up delivery and optimize the transport of the content you have requested, especially to provide the requested content in a quality way that benefits our users. You have the right at any time to raise objections for reasons related to your particular situation. To exercise this right, you can contact us at any time, as indicated in Section 9 of this Privacy Policy. str2hax still works, but some routers fuck and stop using the custom DNS work. If you entered the correct DNS, the license agreement should not be displayed. If you do, your router is a little confused. Check your router`s web interface to see if you can disable the DNS app. or try another Internet connection such as a telephone access point.

I think Nintendo has a bad precedent. If I buy something, I should be able to use it, no matter what the company that sells it thinks. You can deny us updates if we do not accept news eulas (while I still think it`s bad), but force an update and tell us after that we have to accept the new Eula, otherwise we will no longer be able to use the product. Do people really read the usage agreement? I just click accept cause for some reason I trust Nintendo, they won`t do anything dubious. But who knows that can change. There are actually a handful of places in the world where that is not true. But that`s part of the reason it`s so stupid anyway, and it only helps to prove my point of view. You must accept the CLA in order to use the device. All the devices I`ve talked about and more. And you should just because it`s probably not legally binding on you anyway, unless you live in one of the 5 us states.