We have a lot of long-term collaborators; Our management team has been with us on average for over 8 years. Our employees strongly identify with the INVERTO brand and are delighted with what they do. Although the news that INVERTO was going to be part of BCG was initially a sensation, we discussed openly how it would work with our employees and explained the reasons for this decision. Our employees clearly see that targeted growth and further internationalization inevitably open up opportunities for development for everyone in the company. Over the past few weeks, a positive atmosphere has developed within the company, which brings us back to how it felt when we created it all these years ago. The apprenticeship contract does not replace a company`s apprenticeship offer or changes its apprenticeship management system (LMS). Nor does it confuse the traditional learning and development program (L-D). Its real goal is to connect employees to the existing learning ecosystem and to link employee expectations to the company`s interdependent business and learning strategies. The apprenticeship contract clarifies the company`s objectives and allows them to assume their responsibilities and be responsible for their learning and growth.

For us, content development is a priority. We want to systematically develop new industries and regions and significantly expand our service portfolio. We believe that the goal of doubling our turnover and workforce is quite realistic. Our goal is to significantly expand our customer base through successful projects. All this means that companies and their employees must enter into a contract – the apprenticeship contract – for the continuous development of skills, to improve business performance, so that businesses can continue to thrive in the digital age and that individuals can stay busy. One of the lessons of the industrial revolution is that technological innovation also requires social innovation. An important element of a job transformation is the establishment of a strong and reciprocal relationship between employees and the company – and ignoring this essential element can have disastrous consequences. By directly addressing this link and doing so at the beginning of the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we have the opportunity to fend off threats and welcome an assiduous revolution. Maximizing this commitment also means directing employee motivation in the directions that are most profitable for the company as a whole. The apprenticeship contract and the entire learning ecosystem are obviously not designed solely for the good of the staff.

The needs and objectives of the business must be part of the continuum of benefits from learning and development. Keeping the highest level of confidentiality in all career development issues We have reached an agreement that guarantees the long-term commitment of the founders and the management team. The purchase price was therefore not a central issue. Growth prospects are the deciding factor for us, our employees and BCG. Let us repeat once again that INVERTO is an extremely successful and profitable company of which we are very proud and that the merger with BCG gives us the opportunity to take the next big step in our development and to progress on the path of growth. We can`t wait to do it! CEOs can no longer take an approach to learning and development; On the contrary, their fingerprints must be carried out throughout the company`s learning strategy, while understanding that creating a dynamic portfolio of human capital is an important investment for the future of the company.