The item you want to buy is not currently in stock. Please enter your name, email address and phone number below. We will contact you as soon as this product is available. In most cases, the buyer will require that the sale of the house be subject to the existence of an inspection by a certified inspector. Most reports are expected to last only about forty-eight (48) hours from the date of inspection and cover the foundations, sanitary facilities, electrical roof, roof (leaks), sidings, heating systems, hot water tank and all other structural features of the home. In most cases, the buyer must bring the title, current/past registration, proof of insurance, mobile phone sales bill and state-issued identification. Pro-Tip: If buying the mobile home makes a last walk before closing and handing over the money. The seller wants your money as bad as you want the property. If there are surprising repairs or garbage/furniture that you may have to remove, then adjust the price according to – Use this site to get an estimate of the value of the manufactured home. After the manufacturer enters, the name of the model, the condition is in, with height and width, an estimated value is displayed. This is only an estimate and is best to also look for what similar homes are selling near you with sites like and Interesting fact from Oregon: In 2005, Oregon stopped using the title and DMV to process home mobile titles. Now, mobile-home transfer is carried out by the state via the local code department.

The mobile-home sales invoice is used to prove the sale and legal purchase of the manufactured home (mobil-home) between the buyer and the seller. The buyer may provide a deposit to the current owner while a thorough inspection is carried out. Once the inspection is complete and a favorable result is found, the sale can go ahead. Once the transaction is complete, it is recommended that a notary certify the signature of the document. A notary confirmation is available at the end of the document. (4) The failure of a prefabricated home retailer to use a sales form in accordance with this section and the provisions adopted pursuant to ORS 646A.054 (rules) is an illegal practice under ORS 646.608 (additional illegal transactions, business practices).