The study, originally published in 1984, focuses on oil agreements between non-OPEC LDCs, and the impact of problems such as high oil prices in each country. The information presented in this study comes from interviews with oil officials in oil companies, oil ministries and unpublished documents, such as contracts, on case studies of countries such as Peru, Guatemala and Malaysia. This title will be of interest to students in environmental sciences and economics. Most VitalSource eBooks books are available in a reflowable EPUB format that allows you to customize the size of the text and use other means of entry. If the content of the eBook requires a particular layout or contains mathematics or other special characters, the eBook is available in PDF format (PBK) that cannot be reflowed. For both formats, the functionality available depends on how you access the e-book (via Bookshelf online in your browser or via the Bookshelf app on your PC or mobile device). Routledge – CRC Press eBooks are available via VitalSource. VitalSource Bookshelf® free app allows you to access your e-books anytime and anywhere. preface; 1. Introduction; Part 1: General analysis; 2. The oil potential of non-OPEC countries 3. Development of oil contracts between host governments and international oil companies 4.

The impact of alternative tax agreements on host country yields and oil investments; Part 2: Case studies of modern contractual agreements; 5. Indonesian oil agreement: the development of the production sharing contract (PSC) 6. Production sharing contracts from Peru 7. Production sharing contracts in Guatemala 8. The Production-Sharing Contracts of Malaysia, The Phillipines, and Egypt 9. Service contracts 10. The joint venture and the modern concession agreement; Part 3: Programs and policies of the U.S. government and the International Agency; 11. U.S. government policies and activities on oil development in non-OPEC LDCs 12. Promotion of oil development in oil-importing developing countries by international agencies 13.

Conclusions; index..