Most problems can be avoided by proper planning, due diligence on the property and obtaining legal advice and assistance before signing a lease agreement or paying a lease bond. The purpose of our treaty is to avoid problems. The contract is balanced, must also favour or disadvantage tenants. The one-sided, obscure thai-standard contract, which exists only in Thailand, gives a dishonourable owner plenty of space to torture himself with his contractual obligations. But our contract also cannot protect against money-hungry, devious and dishonest owners. A good landlord, from the beginning, will also meet the interests of the tenant. As a general rule, leases last one year. However, retail periods can range from a “short stay” (usually three months) to a “long stay” (one year). If you are from a Western country, you are probably thinking about the treaty rather than a legal document that will help you in the event of a problem. Forget it – it`s Thailand! If there are serious disagreements, you will lose no matter what.

You can hire a lawyer if you wish, but the legal system is hopelessly unrestrained, and almost all village chiefs and judges will be happy to take a bribe from their compatriot, or simply prefer the owner for nationalist reasons rather than turn to the hot farang. Your goal is to avoid problems by being calm and lucid from the beginning. The German-English-Thai trilingual version has all 3 languages side by side. Thailand charges 12.5% of the tax on construction and property to the tune of 12.5% of the annual rent in accordance with the rental agreement or the annual value estimated by the Department of the Land, depending on whether the value is greater than the property that is not the owner`s main residence (. B for example, a second home or a property rented by the owner). In the case of a property (land and house) owned by a corporate building and property tax must be paid by the company, whether the rent is paid or the income received by the company of it. On this page, you can download a free multilingual rental/boutique contract that you can rent from a Thai landlord. It is extremely important for a tenant to have a solid lease, otherwise they may become vulnerable. Keep all rental income, agreements and receipts for all major household purchases as proof of payment.

Those who do not have sufficient proof that they have paid all the rents could pay the rent again. As in the case of the purchase of real estate, the property for rent should have a fact not subject to the law and should not concern. B property rights or land that has been transferred under a right of withdrawal from the previous owner, as this could affect the validity of the lease and its applicability. A misunderstanding of rental or rental laws and the structuring of a long-term lease in Thailand often leads to the following mistakes: This applies even if the owner has good intentions: Simple linguistic and cultural misunderstandings can send two well-meaning people into a totally avoidable combat game.