Most landlords require a deposit from each student tenant. Simply put, a guarantor (usually your parents) is someone who accepts that, in the worst case, they pay your rent if you can`t pay the payments. 7.7 If you have entered into this contract as a second lease or subsequent contract and we have agreed to renew your down payment, you agree that your landlord can withhold the down payment of your current lease at the end of that lease and keep it as a booking fee for your booking for the upcoming academic year – your new lease. The booking fee will be the new down payment at the beginning of the new lease and will be protected according to the rules of our rental deposit guarantee system. In the event that you cancel your new booking later, you agree that when you unlock the down payment for the current academic year, this may be withheld by the owner as a cancellation fee and cannot be refunded. 4.3.3 Remove Internet access while your account is late and charge you the amount that can happen to us if the service is reconnected once the account balance has been removed and if you have not reached an agreement with us, defer your payments or make payments as part of a staggered payment plan, and then after a deadline. A: Equity doesn`t really come in, the main concern of the landlord/agent is to collect the rent. If a common contract has been signed, the landlord/agent can decide who he wants to hunt for rent. If the rent remains unpaid, it can be deducted either from the collective deposits or, if legal action is taken, the landlord/agent will be able to issue a subpoena, which will designate all tenants.

The best option is to find a replacement as soon as possible. Try using the scoreboard for students of 2 students. It is always worth checking that you have actually signed a common treaty. Check with this link that your contract meets the co-responsible liability requirements. If this is not the case, the landlord/broker cannot claim the right to rent arrears. If your owner in Northern Ireland does not use a broker, they are still allowed to charge you a fee. However, if you are subject to a royalty from real estate agents that you consider unfair or even illegal, you may have the right to recover them. The residency fee has a practical template letter that you can use to claim a refund of your expenses. 5.1 The lessor agrees to register the deposit with one of the state-approved rental insurance systems (hereafter referred to as the “corresponding scheme”) and to inform the tenant, within 14 days of receipt of the deposit, of the details of the plan in question and the procedures for recovering the deposit, including dispute resolution procedures. A thorough verification of the lease is just one of many ways to save money on rent. 8.4 You guarantee (confirm) that you are a student at a university in England and Wales and you agree to remain a student at a university in England and Wales, and you understand that the landlord may terminate that lease under clause 8.1 of that lease if you find that you are not a student at a university in England and Wales.