A company agreement is defined as “a set of agreed parameters and reciprocal expectations that define a process of cooperation”. The company agreement allows you to express your expectations of each member of the project team, your operational policies and your operating policies and to hold project team members accountable for their obligations and obligations. In some organizations, company agreements allow project team members to cooperate effectively. In developing these guidelines, which draw the attention of all project team members to and adhere to them, project team members will establish and maintain a good working relationship throughout the project. It offers all members of the project team a tool to enforce the desired behavior. Some organizations simply don`t need company agreements or aren`t comfortable with them. In the past, if your organization has conflicts within projects, a history of poorly executed meetings, poor attendance, lack of follow-up, and an imbalance between team members who make or force decisions about other team members, a project operations agreement may be required for your project. While they may seem superficially authoritarian, they can be created and executed in an appositive way to give the project a tool for success. Company agreements typically cover the most common aspects of a project, which can cause problems for team members. This includes, among other things: do you want to discuss this idea? Write me an email and I`ll be happy to talk. It may sound pedantic, but they are very effective….