(6) The Union has requested to be recognized as a representative of each employer`s collective agreement unit as a representative of Section 9, point a). After the Union has demonstrated, to the satisfaction of each employer, that the majority of the collective agreements covered by this collective agreement have designated the union as its agent and wishes to maintain that representation, the employer agrees to voluntarily recognize the Union as the exclusive representative of the negotiations of all these workers, in accordance with Section 9 (a) of the National Labor Act Relations. , as amended, for all intents and purposes, even if the Union would have been certified by the National Labor Relations Board as the exclusive representative of the negotiations in accordance with a representative choice among the workers in the bargaining unit, as this unit is defined elsewhere in this collective agreement. Under the AU standard of excellence, members, through the local union and management, are held by signatory contractors and are responsible for effective solutions. Copies of collective agreements and all renewal or renewal contracts are immediately made available to the pension fund and may, if not compatible with this participation agreement, be used by directors to terminate the employer`s participation. (24) The six public holidays recognised for the purposes of this agreement are: New Year (48) Employers whose main functions do not fall within the eu`s territorial jurisdiction, who are unable to set a local banking reference to the UNION`s trade officer at a pre-employment conference, pay all wages in cash or cash cheques , unless the provisions of this paragraph are expressly repealed by the business representative. United Association locally in the area where the work is done. (154) If the federal government introduces wage controls in any form and part of that collective agreement is deferred or reduced, the parties meet immediately and, if the federal government`s action, which caused the deferral or reduction, makes it legally admissible, the parties attempt to redeploy the monetary equivalent of the deferred or reduced salary to federal government benefits.