If you have been expelled, you cannot take courses, exercises or seminars, practical work, manual writing, exam registration or use of academic institutions. The issue of ownership can sometimes become complicated, even if there is a written agreement. For example, a worker develops an invention as part of an employment contract and the invention is developed during normal working hours with some of the employer`s resources. In this scenario, does the worker or employer own this invention? Agreement:… meetings, signatures formation of words: translations into English agreement: agreement, French arrangement: Italian (male) agreement:… The agreement contains sections that set out the fair and legitimate pricing of shares (especially during the sale). It also allows shareholders to make decisions about what external parties can become future shareholders and offers guarantees on minority positions. For readers who want to discover the world and parents who want to make sure that their children discover the word written in a playful way, regardless of their age, co-ownership can lead to disputes between owners, how a patent application should take place or how the patent should be handled, for example when issuing licenses. In such cases, the direction may be requested by the Patent Commissioner, and the Patent Commissioner may be co-owner of the manner in which the case is to be resolved, but such directions must not be at odds with the existing terms of the agreement between the owners.4 Congruence: Derivative triangular words: Conruenz Phrase of English translation: 1a) Agreement, Concorde; 2) French Congruity: 1a) Latin agreement: 1) Swedish congruentia: congruruens Similar terms: Competition, Kookkurrenz According to the law, the ownership of a patent application can be challenged, as well as a patent granted.5 In such disputes, the parties generally present their evidence to support their position and the patent controller has conducted an oral hearing for examination of evidence and to rule. In such cases, all relevant written and/or oral agreements between the contested parties are carefully considered by the Patent Commissioner.

Oral agreements can be difficult, if not impossible to justify, compared to written agreements. “ERVIA has signed an agreement with the Norwegian Equinor on research on Ireland`s potential to benefit from carbon capture and storage.” Independent.ie, September 6, 2019 “Judges have approved an agreement between environmentalists and federal managers that will pave the way for forest clean-up and logging in the southwest.” The Washington Times, 28.