A hearing on the status of the Sears Protection Plan class action lawsuit is scheduled for August 29. Tammy I`m in the same boat, my 21/2 year old boiler, which burned down more than a month ago, still hasn`t come back to me. Looking for a lawyer to help me, I bought a protection master plan for heating and cooling and they transferred me to the phone for two hours and told me that different departments had to take care of it. They told me that my device was not replaceable. Plaintiffs Nina Greene and Gerald Greene allege that they entered into and paid for several equipment service contracts with Sears from 1994 to 2014, but that these agreements did not cover their products. A federal judge in Illinois has certified a class action lawsuit that Sears sold fraudulent “repair and replacement” protection framework agreements. Exactly the same garbage is being pulled at me in Memphis Tennessee. I bought the full coverage of the house. My washing machine started to make a loud noise. After 8 service calls, a transfer takes place. new tubular springs.

This washing machine looks like a Sherman tank, I`ve called Sears Holdings more than 30 times to talk to the team that is supposed to solve this kind of problem. Sears Holdings has informed me that a new washing machine is expected to be delivered in a week. we never received it. I called her back. They then told me that I would have to pay for the service. I told them it was under warranty when this mess started almost a year ago. Can someone help me do something about Sears? They are liars, scammers, thieves.ill make sure that anyone who hears about Sears` warranty called Sears today is trying to get a refund. I was told that the work was not allowed before and that I would therefore not be paid. In addition, my contract was terminated because another contractor had worked on the system. Contractor Sears had paid for the installation.

The applicants sought to certify a proposed class of consumers who paid for secondary market framework protection contracts (MPAs) for products that are not covered by the AMP or eligible for coverage under the AMP and who have not received a full refund. Emptor Booking – I will never buy a Sears product again. My framework agreement ends on 03.11.2020. Unfortunately, I underwent chemotherapy five years ago and my refrigerator ran out. .